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Drinker Profiles

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Let's meet some of the great Beercathletes

The Dirty Dog


Founding Father of the BDC. This man is revered as a pioneer in the sport of drinking, with endless contributions to the drinking community. Studied for many years as a Highlander at the world renowned drinking institution of Radford. After being unable to perform in the singles event of Beercathlon 2, after the Dog decided to retire from individual competition, he returned with a vengeance at BC 3 claiming the Bronze medal and earning the MID award. Currently one half of the drinking champions as the leader of Team F.A.G

CZAR Champion


Eternal BDC Czar. Winner of BC I,silver at BC 2 and winner of BC 3, and silver at BC 4. Forrmer tag team champion with Boogerhead. Has Innovated and mastered the 2 story beer bong, conquered a double as documented in 24 oz. of Pain, recently took down a triple and has vowed to continue to set the bar in competitive drinking.

Drinker X


The mystery man of Beercathlon, rumors flew for over a year about the man's identity and drinking ability. The speculation was ended at BC 2 where he showed up and drank his way to the BDC heavyweight title. The man is a giant in the sport of drinking and many say he will be the measuring stick for years to come



The man formerly known as Street Lightning . Has been met with much heartbreak and dissappointment in the Beercathlon. Realized his life long dream at BC 4.5 by winning the Drinking Tag titles in dramatic fashion.



A very skilled drinker who excels in competition. With his partner Bronco, he is a two time tag team champion and vows to become three time champion and end the "ridiculous sham of a title reign" claimed by Team F.A.G



Long time drinking coach traded in his whistle for a beer. Strong showing at Beercathlon 1 earned him the bronze medal however his inability/unwillingness to face the beer bong cost him a chance to be the first ever champion. Is the only man ever to connect on the Blondie's Bomb field goal.



This king of old school has seen numerous drinking battles. Is not afraid to switch partners and do whatever it takes to be victorious. Expect big things in the future from the Punk Rock Ernie Project

Beercathlon-The Ultimate test of beer Drinking (est. 2005)

Tommy #1derful


Current King of Flip Cup,Tommy is a man known for his ability to drink his weight in beer. This man has not vomited (from beer) since October 9th, 1995. Is always a threat to win any drinking event but equally a threat to himself and everyone around him. Former Tag team champion as part of the BHL. Also, the first  victim ever of the 7:00 AM Beer Bongs Bitches, and unwilling inventor of the Tommy Tank.  AKA-Boogerhead.

Mr. Inspiration


This man was regarded as a non factor entering Beercathlon 1, picked by many to finish last. At the event he transformed from Doogie into Mr.Inspiration, highlighted by an impossible comeback in the Flip the Cup final, and being crowned "King of Kings". Ultimately earned the silver medal in the event ironically due in large part to being victim of a 7am Beer Bongs Bitches. Now roams the Earth with his mission to inspire the uninspirable, right after he washes his face.



Current champion with the win at BC 4. This man is a threat in any drinking competition evidenced by his impressive medal collection. Can he become the first back to back champion at BC 5?



This hard hitting drinker represents Boston and all that is old school. Has been known to tear off his shirt and get down to drinking. Takes advantage of the rubber match and rides it all the way to the tag titles. Has vowed to elevate the tag titles to new levels of prestige. Will need to compete at BC 5 to maintain status as a tag team champion

Healthy Scratch


After spending a night with two Dolphins cheerleaders, Mickey Mark had his name changed to Liquid Fury,that monicure has also become a healthy scratch. After being a healthy scratch for BC I, II, III and IV the drinking community will have to wait until BC 5 to see this man in action.



Represents the Mid west and did so very well at Beercathlon 2 as he rested the Bronze medal in his debut. Also was a last minute replacement in the tag tourney and helped his team all the way to the tag titles. Was named the "Most Inspirational Drinker" of BC 2. Impressive showing at BC 3 and BC 4 has him primed for gold at BC 5. Two time tag champ with Fridley, we have definitely not seen the best from this man