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Beercathlon 4

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Beercathlon 4 April 25-27

BC 4 featured a tag and singles competition running concurrently

Singles Event

1.Sights-60 Points-Consistent strong play highlighted by 3 straight 3rds leads him to the title

2.Mr.Champion-55 Points-Lackluster start leaves him off the pace, Wins Speed Bong and comes 2 Hi-LO cards short of forcing sudden death

3.Bronco-48.5 points- Wins Hi-lo to force Bronze tiebreaker where he defeats DX

4.Drinker X-48 points-decent effort from BC 2 champion

5.Scotty P-47 points-Was leading before HI-LO but withdraws from the event ending his hopes

6.Tommy #1derful-42 points-Wins FTC and was in the lead, shortlived as he scored one point in the next two events

7.Awesome Artie-38 Points-Claims King of Kings title

8.Rubin-35 points-Average showing for the MID

9.Jobbie-35 points-Takes a zero in final 3 events to derail a strong start

10.Dirty Dog-30 points-Dissapointing run for the 3rd MID

11.Chrissy-29 points-Runner up of Kings spells the end of the rookie

12.Doogie-21 points-unable to carry a tag team and still manage to compete

13.McKay-14 points-Cuts his teeth in the Beercathlon but is unable to adjust to competition

Tag Event

1.Bronco and Fridley-80 points-regain the titles by being consistent, only win comes in FTC
2.Unnatural Disasters-Strong debut for this team, look to BC 5 for another shot
3.Booger-Headed Lightning-72.5 points-Tommy masterminds Guzzler as they force a bronze tiebreaker where Doogie could not answer the bell, with a cloud of controversy the BHL takes 3rd
4.The Inspirational Job-72 Points-Doogie drinks to the point of no return and had the Silver taken from around his neck in his sleep
5.Disgusting Fat Body-68 points-Poirier Bros win Pong and ride it to the bottom half
6.Totally Awesome-55 points-strong start with ICRR silver but not able to parlay it to the medal stand
7.Drunken Kai Dojo-52 Points-Best finish in any event is 4th so they take last


Tommy #1derul carries Rubin and Yurin to the first ever Beermaggedon Cup. Narrowly defeating the other two teams

Beercathlon-The Ultimate test of beer Drinking (est. 2005)