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Beercathlon II

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Beercathlon II July 14-16,2006

Beercathlon 2 in AC has come and gone, the event was a huge success. Two days before the event the roster took a hit as BC 1 silver medalist Doogie "Mr.Inspiration" Carter was forced to withdrawal after an untimely oral surgery. On Friday the tag team tourney was underway, but due to the Northern contigent's late arrival, the tournament spilled over into Saturday. Bronco and Fridley were crowned the winners after surviving the sudden death tie breaker.
Saturday afternoon the Singles tourney was underway, beginning with FTC and the games took a turn as the Dirty Dog tapped out of the whole tournament after the first round of Elimination.  Bronco went on to win FTC.
HI-LO was next up and in another turn of events Mr. Champion placed last by failing to pass the cards a single time. Drinker X outlasted the pack to win the event.
Battleship and Ice Cube Raft Race tourneys ran concurrently into the wee hours of the morning and the Tap outs soon followed. Multiple competitors tapped out of one or both of the tourneys, which saw Drinker X win the Ice Cube and Mr.Champion take down BSQ.
With the speed bong going on all weekend, Drinker X posted a sub 3 second time, beating out Mr. Champion by tenths of a second.
Difuse the Bomb and Kings were thrown out and Drinker X was declared the NEW Champion with Mr.Champion taking the silver and Bronco winning the bronze.
Here are detailed results:

The world heavyweight title was decided in a 5 event Beercathlon. The 5 events were: speed bong, Hi-Lo, Battleship Quarters, Raft Race and Flip the Cup.
Here are the results:
1. Drinker X                            105 Points
Was the winner of Speed Bong,Ice cube race, and HI-LO. Mixed in a 2nd in BSQ and a top 5 in FTC for a dominating performance.
2.Mr.Champion                         78 Points
Dropped the title in large part because of a last place finish in HI-LO. Won BSQ and was 2nd in FTC and speed bong.
3.Bronco                                 67 Points
Won FTC event and performed well in all events. Brings the Bronze back to graceland
4.Jobbie                                   60 Points
Right in the middle in most events lands him just off the medal stand
5.Sights                                   42.5 points
Last place in FTC derailed medal hopes, performed valiantly
6.Tony                                     40 Points
Good rookie showing, has some promise but will need to work on chugging ability
7.Teddy                                     35 Points
Never recovered from a 45 minute game of BSQ, but outlasted some vets in his rookie showing
8.Fridley                                   33 Points
Expended all his energy in the tag event and was unable to muster strength for a run at the title
9.Tommy #1derful                          32 Points
Surprised all by starting with a 3rd place in FTC, but his inability to sustain conciousness was his undoing. Claims his best 2 events were cut from the roster
10.Brian                                       22 Points
He was unable to "escort" any points onto the scoreboard, but he more than made up with his efforts to arrange entertainment
11.Dirty Dog                                    3 Points
Only truly earned one point by placing 10th in FTC, tapped out of the tournament and soon after announced his retirement

Tag Teams were decided in a 3 event competition:
Note: Point totals may be misreported as records were not available at press time
1.Bronco and Fridley                   55 Points
Took it down with a 1st, and 2 3rds and than outlasted Sights and Dirty in a Sudden death tie breaker to become the NEW tag champs
2.Dirty and Sights                       55 Points
Great showing lands them in a tie breaker for the title where they were unable to win the FTC and the tag straps
3. Booger-Headed Lightning        40 Points
Champs fought valiantly but POOR showing in FTC made them the former champs
4.MJH + DX
Make shift team that finished off the pace
5.Poirier and Reynolds
A bunch of 4th places lands them in 5th and the future of the team is in doubt
Bostonians could not find the magic touch, may want to employ the Tapanzee startegy in their pregame preperations

North Vs. South
Civil War Grudge Match
Due to time constraints and traffic on the GW Bridge, this event was cancelled. The Case Race will have to wait until Beercathlon 3

Beercathlon-The Ultimate test of beer Drinking (est. 2005)