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About the Beercathlon Drinking Comission

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Beercathlon Drinking Comission

The Beercathlon Drinking Comission (B.D.C) was founded in April of 2005, for the purpose of over seeing all aspects of competitve drinking. The BDC oversees the rules and regulations of all drinking events. It also oversees and recognizes champions of the sport in the category of single and tag team competition.
The BDC has 3 officials in place who are: CEO-Dirty Dog, President-Mr.Champion, and Director of Drinking-Tommy #1derful.
On April 25, 2008 amidst controversy surrounding Beercathlon 4 the BDC was realligned eliminating all 3 existing postions and unanimously declaring Mr. Champion as the Czar of Beercathlon. As the Beercathlon Czar Mr. Champion is the sole position of power.

General Rules

There are general rules which will govern all competitive dirnking events sanctioned by the BDC:
1.If reversal of fortune occurs within 30 minutes of an event the competitor will be dropped to last place for that event.
2.If a person taps out for an event, they do so for that whole event, (IE in a tournament no selective forefieture)
3.Any disputes will be settled by the Beercathlon Czar

Beercathlon-The Ultimate test of beer Drinking (est. 2005)