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Beerstacle Course

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The latest event that has taken the competitve drinking community by storm!

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The Beerstacle course combines skill games,drinking, and the ability to perform under pressure while against the clock. There are six legs to the Beerstacle course which are:
Flip the Cup
Paper Football
Beer Bong

Set up requires that all the stations are set up before the run has begun.The first five stations require a 1.5 ounce shot of beer. A line should be taped 10 feet from the dartboard, this will be used as the line for both darts and Caps. 10 Darts are recommended,a cup of minnimum 30 caps, 2 plastic cups for FTC (16 oz dixie) each filled with 2.25 ounces of beer. 2 mugs with 8 quarters. 5 paper footballs with an upright (14x12) taped on a nearby wall. One standard 12 ounce beer bong loaded and ready to go.

The Beercathlete will start from the designated starting position and wait for the referee's signal. Upon signal the first stage is Darts, where 3 20's on the dart board are required(Doubles and Triples do count). After the 3rd 20 is recorded the player takes a shot of beer. If a player throws all of his darts without meeting the requirements than it is the player's responsibility to retrieve extra darts.
Next stage will be caps the player must make 2 caps in a standard caps cup. Caps must be thrown one at a time. If a player chooses to shoot a three pointer by INTENTIONALLY bouncing the cap off the floor/playing surface into the cup, than this will meet the requirements for Caps. After completion of Caps the player takes a shot of beer and moves on.
Next stage is Flip the Cup. The player must chug the beer in the first cup and flip it as in standard FTC rules. After the first cup has been flipped he moves to the second and upon completion of the second he takes a shot of beer, and moves on.
Next stage is Quarters a player must bounce a quarter into two different mugs. If a player wishes he can stack the two mugs and make one giant shot to meet the requirements. The player than takes a shot of beer and moves on.
The next stage is paper football. The player must make one field goal by flicking the paper football in between the up rights. The uprights should be at least 4 feet away. After the kick is made a shot of beer is taken and the player moves on.
The last stage is the beer bong, the player simply does the bong and calls "time" to the ref. The ref will stop the clock and confirm that their is no more than a half ounce of beer left in the bong. Penalties are as follows:
>1/2 oz = no penalty
1/2 oz to 1 oz = 10 second penalty
<1 oz - 1.5 oz = 30 second penalty
<1.5 oz - 2 oz = 1 minute penalty
<2 oz = run will not count

The referee is responsible for stop watch management, calling out the value of a dart (single,double,triple), confirming a made cap, insuring that a flipped cup is good, making sure a quarter is made, calling a field goal good or bad and monitoring the beer bong.

If a player has a reversal of fortune within 30 minutes of a run than the run will be nullified.

Beercathlon-The Ultimate test of beer Drinking (est. 2005)