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Beercathlon 3

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Beercathlon 3 will go down in history as the greatest Beercathlon ever held. The first competition to feature a full 7 event competition. The tag competition is decided by a single point. All those involved in the weekend should raise their glasses and be proud to call themselves a Beercathlete

Tag Team Competition

The tag titles were on the line in a fierce 8 team competiton, and after five grueling events the reunited team of Matty and Jobbie were crowned NEW BC Tag team Champions

Tag Results:

1.Matty and Jobbie-95 points
Won Caps and Quarters a surprise 2nd in raft race, crowns them the new champs, can they become the first tag champs to sucessfully defend the tag straps at BC 4?
2.Bronco and Fridley-94 points
Wins in Pong and raft race make for a strong showing,4th place in Caps may have been the undoing. Defended the titles valiantly and should return for another run at the gold
3.Styles and Inspiration-72 points
Decent showing for these two,winners of FTC but middle of the pack in evertything else keeps them of the championship pace
4.Team Sanchez-65 points
Good debut showing, had a shot at 3rd but withdrew and claimed 4th place
5.Booger-Headed Lightning-57 points
Lackluster performance by  both members of the team leaves the initial champs scratching their heads and regrouping for BC4
6.Teddy Beer-55 points
Mediocre across all events leaves them with some promise to do better in BC 4
7.The Punk Rock Ernie Project-32.5 points
Ernie takes multiple partners in all events and manages 7th place
8.Dirty Lightning 14.5 points
The sweetest and best dressed team of the competition come only one false finish in Ice Cube Raft race from finishing dead last in every event. They did give it their best, however the future of this team is once again in doubt

Singles Competition

The singles event at BC 3 truly raised the bar for competitive drinking as 8 men entered the 7 full event tourney, all events were tight and at the end Mr.Champion was declared the winner.

Singles Results:

1.Mr.Champion-126 points
Paces the field with 4 wins and manages to outlast the comp. Can now turn his eye to BC 4 for redemption and a rematch with Drinker X
2.Bronco-108 points
For the second year in a row plays the bridesmaid, drank valiantly winning HI-LO and taking 2nd in Pong and Kings. Will train even harder to take the final step up the ladder at BC 4
3.Dirty Dog-94 points
The Dirty one vowed to show up with a renewed passion for drinking, he did not disappoint as he drank his way on to the medal stand.Solid in all events. Has the man truly returned or was this his swan song? Only BC 4 will tell
4.The Rubinator-91 points
Another one who redeems himself with a solid performance,crowned King of Kings and Pong champ ultimately  came just 2 cards within the medal stand. Last place in beer bong hurts. Is this the drinker we will see from here out, or was BC 3 a fluke?
5.Styles-85 points
The big man of drinking is undone by a last place finish in Pong and Quarters, solid in all other events, should be aforce for many years to come
6.Mr.Inspiration-66 points
It just wasnt his time, almost killed Tommy during flip the cup, managed 2nd in quarters, was vital to the organization of the weekend, some questioned his focus, aims to climd the ladder in the future
7.Tommy #1derful-58 points
Good showing for Booger head as he was a worthy drinker, added to his legend by innovating the next craze of the Drunk Tank. Destined to have his jersey in the HoF one day.
8.Jobbie-55 points
May have used all his juice in the tags,started the comp by being defeated by Dirty in Quarters and everything spiraled from there, Jobbie will be back with a better effort

Dirty Dog is declared BC 3 Most Inspirational Drinker!!!!!!!!!!

Beercathlon-The Ultimate test of beer Drinking (est. 2005)