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B.D.C. Rankings

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Current BDC Official Drinker Rankings

1. Mr.Champion- Heavyweight and Tag Champion

2. Jobbie-Number one contender

3. Mr.Inspiration-Current "King of Kings", and Flip Master

4. Fridley-Well rounded beercathlete looking to move up

5. Tommy #1- Current Tag champ and heavy drinker

6. Brian- Looks forward to redeeming himself

7. Dirty Dog- "But I did 6 beer bongs"

8. Sights- Looks to do a Quatro-pounder off the deck

9. Matty- Vows to dent his way to the top

10. Drinker X-Ranking based on reputation as the drinking world awaits his competitive Debut

Beercathlon-The Ultimate test of beer Drinking (est. 2005)