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This game can be played with one to two decks of standard playing cards.  You will also need one less spoon than players you have. This is a musical chairs type of game.You must next select a number of cards to play with generally 3-4. A player must acquire that number of cards that are all the same.Each player is dealt that number of cards and one card is placed face up on the table.  Gameplay starts with a selected person who can draw a card from the deck or the single card face up. On each turn a player must draw a card and discard. Once a player has all of his cards matching he will grab a spoon out of the middle all other players will have a mad dash to grab the remaining spoons. The player who ends without a spoon is eliminated. The player who got all the same cards will hand out a number of drinks which corresponds to the cards he has. J=11,Q=12,K=13 and ACE=14.One spoon is eliminated from the table and the game restarts and continues in this fashion until only one player remains.

Beercathlon-The Ultimate test of beer Drinking (est. 2005)