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This will be a double elimination tournament. Seeds will be drawn at random. The winner of each match will advance while the loser will go to the loser’s bracket. A loss in the loser’s bracket will result in elimination. Finishing position of people being eliminated in the same round will be determined by the amount of caps you are defeated by. If there is still a draw there will be a game to 15 to determine position. Rules of Caps:


Games will be played to 30 with the exception of the championship game which will be played to 45.

The game starts with one player throwing a beer cap into his opponents cup which will typically be 10-12 feet away. If you make your cap you shoot again until you miss. If you miss it is your opponent’s turn. Each cap made is worth 1 point. If you INTENTIONALLY bounce your cap off the floor and into the cup it is worth 3 points. For every 15 points that are scored on you you must have one beer finished. You must start the game with 2 fresh unopened beers. Basically the loser of the match will drink 2 beers while the winner will drink 0-1.

All games will follow the win by 2 rule, and the person who shoots second will get the last shot (Fair at bats). The winner of the first bracket will advance to the Championship game to take on the winner of the Loser’s bracket. There will be one game to 45-so it is possible to lose one game to 45 and be eliminated finishing second

Beercathlon-The Ultimate test of beer Drinking (est. 2005)