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AT BC Five a New champion is crowned. No stranger to the medal stand, Bronco takes the final step and claims the Beercathlon Five and the World Heavyweight Title. Narrowly edging Mr.Champiom by 2 points for the win.
In an epic team event, Team FAG falls just short of defending the titles, losing out to the new champions Bronco and Sights. Full Details to follow.....


Welcome to the official Beercathlon Web site. This site is dedicated to the sport of Beer Drinking and the ultimate test of a Beer Drinker's ability. When a man wants to see what he is truly worth, and is willing to pay the ultimate price to find out he enters the BEERCATHLON
The Beercathlon is a competiton of beer drinking, and skill spread over 3-7 events. A Beercathlete will be awarded points in each event, corresponding to his finishing place in the event. When all events are completed the competitor with the most points will be declared the winner of the Beercathlon.

Beercathlon-The Ultimate test of beer Drinking (est. 2005)